Backup Communications for

  • I have toyed for a long while thinking about what backup communication system should be in place in the event of a malfunction or de-platforming of While several methods are a good idea, one that I continue to read about as having the most robust security and independence from censorship is, which uses a messenger application available for Apple and Android phones called "Element." I have posted over in the right sidebar the following notice:

    For further information, contact us here on the forum, or join our permanent backup instant messenger chat room at Current users of Matrix can find the group here:

    I have a Twitter feed and as most of you know, a Facebook presence, but it would be a good idea to make note of the addresses, as that is the platform most likely to survive a real problem arising. I have not set messages in the group to be encrypted because I have made the group easy to find by searching public chatrooms. I am thinking we might get a little traffic that way, so unencrypted should be the best setting for now.

    If anyone has any comments or suggestions please be sure to let me know.