Welcome DariusN!

  • Welcome DariusN ! Thanks for joining us! When you get a chance, please tell us about yourself and your background in Epicurean philosophy.

    It would be particularly helpful if you could tell us (1) how you found this forum, and (2) how much background reading you have done in Epicurus. As an aid in the latter, we have prepared the following list of core reading.

    We look forward to talking with you!

    ----------------------- Epicurean Works I Have Read ---------------------------------

    1 The Biography of Epicurus By Diogenes Laertius (Chapter 10). This includes all Epicurus' letters and the Authorized Doctrines. Supplement with the Vatican list of Sayings.

    2 "Epicurus And His Philosophy" - Norman DeWitt

    3 "On The Nature of Things"- Lucretius

    4 Cicero's "On Ends" - Torquatus Section

    5 Cicero's "On The Nature of the Gods" - Velleius Section

    6 The Inscription of Diogenes of Oinoanda - Martin Ferguson Smith translation

    7 "A Few Days In Athens" - Frances Wright

    8 Lucian Core Texts on Epicurus: (1) Alexander the Oracle-Monger, (2) Hermotimus (3) Others?

    9 Plato's Philebus

    10 Philodemus "On Methods of Inference" (De Lacy version, including his appendix on relationship of Epicurean canon to Aristotle and other Greeks)

    11 "The Greeks on Pleasure" -Gosling & Taylor Sections on Epicurus, especially on katastematic and kinetic pleasure.

  • 1) Found through Facebook - joined relevant discussion group recently - using a pseudonym here. No worries using the name of a Persian king on a Greek philosophy site is as naughty as I get.

    2) Read On the Nature of Things, Diogenes' Lives of the Eminent Philosophers - Epicurus chapter, and I'm now reading Art of Being Happy

    Interested in this group because seems to have the discussion I was seeking to read through, more than the FB group, the reasons for which I understand.

    Thank you and look forward to engaging but activity may be sporadic.

  • Welcome! I suppose your name signifies Darius the Great? I only ask because the story of the sons of Darius II related by Xenophon is perhaps my favorite story from the ancient world.

  • In a way but it's also just reasonably close to my real name and I like the sound of it. I knew there was a Persian King Darius that fought wars with Greek culture polities. To be honest I'm not familiar with the Xenophon story but will look into it. Thanks!

  • The book is Anabasis, and it really is a fun yarn. An exemplary story of the Greek spirit and character.