Welcome Wynnho!

  • Welcome wynnho ! When you get a chance, please tell us about yourself and your background in Epicurean philosophy. It would be particularly helpful if you could tell us how much background reading you have done in Epicurus, for which purpose we have prepared the following list of core reading.

    Thanks for joining us and we look forward to talking with you.

    ----------------------- Core Reading ---------------------------------

    1 The Biography of Epicurus By Diogenes Laertius (Chapter 10). This includes all Epicurus' letters and the Authorized Doctrines. Supplement with the Vatican list of Sayings.

    2 "Epicurus And His Philosophy" - Norman DeWitt

    3 "On The Nature of Things"- Lucretius

    4 Cicero's "On Ends" - Torquatus Section

    5 Cicero's "On The Nature of the Gods" - Velleius Section

    6 The Inscription of Diogenes of Oinoanda - Martin Ferguson Smith translation

    7 "A Few Days In Athens" - Frances Wright

    8 Lucian Core Texts on Epicurus: (1) Alexander the Oracle-Monger, (2) Hermotimus (3) Others?

    9 Plato's Philebus

    10 Philodemus "On Methods of Inference" (De Lacy version, including his appendix on relationship of Epicurean canon to Aristotle and other Greeks)

    11 "The Greeks on Pleasure" -Gosling & Taylor Sections on Epicurus, especially on katastematic and kinetic pleasure.

    12 Chance and Natural Law in Epicurean Philosophy - AA Long -

    --------------------- Other Books On Epicurus You Have Read --------------------




  • forgot to check my spam folder, but Seahat at Discord reminded me to do so. Charles at Discord asked us to sign in here. I was sent to the Discord group form the Reddit group.

    I read about a few philosophers and liked Epicurus, Nietzsche, and Ayn Rand best....wait, I like the Taoist philosophy best, but find a bit too much "woo", spirituality, and Buddhism in those groups.

    Epicurus seems most practical and I am pursuing his ideas to get practical ways to live.

    I am an INTP and have read that I jibe with SIMPLICITY and I think that is 100% accurate.

    I am not that interested in the history or epistemology of Epicurus. I have other things I want to do with my time. So, I am here hoping to see how others, including the ancients, have made their lives as content and simple as possible.

    There are only one or two things i can't agree with Epicurus on (or maybe just don't have the self-control for....such as having lots of companions around), but over all, his ideas for contentment seem logical to me.

    I am a life long atheist. If I had to, at gun point, chose a religion, I'd chose pantheism. I see a profound beauty in nature. I believe in Infinity and that all life forms are energy that merely morphs into different forms and that thoughts otherwise may be ego- and fear-based.

    I think I have read bits and pieces of your above reading list over the years.

    Less than a year ago, I downloaded, read, and highlighted many great articles on Epicurus (my new favorite way to read), but damaged that flash drive with the files....I will make another...ugh.

    I will probably be cutting and pasting stuff from your sight into such a file....i put my favorite ideas for more frequent reading at the top of such Word docs...i.e., I won't be reading books, just online stuff. i learn better this way...or, at least, keep info more organized and handy.

  • Welcome Wynnho! Good to see that you are in Atlanta. Several of us are not too far away, and I hope at some point in the future we can set up some kind of live meeting in Atlanta since that is a central location. Of course if we do you will surely be on the invitation list - maybe even by then you'll be among those doing the inviting.

    Anyway we have lots of different backgrounds here and i would say yours is pretty typical. Please make yourself at home for as little or as much time as you have to spare.

    The best way you can help, and get the most out of being here, is to both respond to threads and also make new threads of your own. You can look for an appropriate subforum, or just put new posts in the "General Discussion" forum, and we'll eventually move them to a better location.

    And be sure to let us know if we can do anything to make your stay here more enjoyable.