Peace and Safety For Those in The Path of Hurricane Dorian!

  • I know that one of our core members, Nate , is pretty much in the direct path of Dorian, but there could be others here who are also, without our knowledge. Nate, I hope you, and anyone else who lurks the group who might be from Florida or in the direct path, remain Safe. Maybe you will be forced to stay inside for a while and compose us some suitable Epicurean music or graphic artwork - it's been a while since we have seen any!

  • I appreciate the concern!

    Absolutely nothing happened. I tried to stay up late to catch it, but in downtown Orlando around 2 AM EST, my wind chimes weren't swinging. When I awoke a few hours ago, it was a little windy and drizzling.

  • I'm glad you are safe! My dad, stepmother, and brother/sil/niece moved to Oveido, just east of Orlando, so I've been checking in with them... their first hurricane drill! They said the same as Nate, no big deal. The houses are made with concrete blocks these days-- everything is tied down/braced/ storm shutters and so on. But they've decided to get a generator to be ready for next time.