Video: Hedonism and the art of happiness

  • What an absolutely awful presentation!

    Starting from the very first words (that Epicurus spend his life focused on what makes us happy) to the immediate jump to "pleasure = the absence of pain" and continuing to the very end with the three alleged key ideas.

    The ancient definition of pleasure did not mean the presence of enjoyment...." ARGH!

  • This video encapsulates just about every modern popular notion of Epicurus that exists. Everyone has to make up their own mind about each one, but I've made up my mind and I label virtually every major point of this video "WRONG""


    "In Epicureanism desire itself was considered to be a form of pain...." WHAT?????

    And of course where does this line of thought end up? MINIMALISM!!!


    And one of Epicurus' key thoughts was to "live an analyzed life"????????

    OK I finished it. This is seven minutes of the most densely-packed set of errors about Epicurus I have ever seen. From that point of view it serves an excellent purpose. Only by confronting issues and explaining a better alternative can the discussion advance.

  • Who is that caricature on the left Dalai Lama ? <X

    Beauty and virtue and such are worthy of honor, if they bring pleasure; but if not then bid them farewell!

  • Yep that's him! It's worth watching the video because it's fairly well put together - it's just that it's put together as a call to minimalism for the sake of minimalism, or something very similar. If you check out the guy's other videos on his channel you can detect a pattern that has very little to do with Epicurus.

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