Epicurus vs the Cyreniacs

  • If there is enough interest in the Cyreniacs we may open a new section of the forum devoted only to them, but for now let's talk about them under "Hedonism."

    I've just read the following article by David Sedley entitled "Diogenes of Oenoanda on Cyreniac Hedonism."

    The main thrust of the article is that Sedley believes that Martin Ferguson Smith is wrong in thinking that several sections of the Inscription are targeted against the Stoics. He believes, rather, that they are targeted against the Cyreniacs -- particularly this section:


    This is an excellent article and affirms the hazards in textual reconstruction from mutilated original texts.

  • Here's my review of a book of the Cyrenaics


    Onfray also has a lot to say about them and about Aristippus

    I read that essay recently. These discussions must have taken place at the onset of the Garden, because by the time Diogenes was writing I do not believe there is evidence of any Cyrenaic school, so I believe this means that Diogenes was citing or re-stating discussions from earlier, probably quoting from the founders themselves.

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