Thread Listing Epicureans Involved in Politics / Public Affairs

  • A recurring controversy in Epicurean philosophy is the extent to which it makes sense to be involved in "public affairs." In this thread let's simply set up a reference point to list names, involvement, and references, and later we can compile this into a chart.

    For example, the basic information we need is:

    Name: C. Velleius. Public Position: Roman Senator. Reference: Cicero's "On the Nature of the Gods, paragraph V / five, Yonge translation: "I found him sigging in his study, and in a discourse with C. Velleius, the senator, who was then reputed by the Epicureans the ablest of our countrymen."

    No need to paste pictures of the references in this thread, but it would be very good to quote the relevant part.

    Other possibilities to add are:

    Cassius Longinus (Senator?)

    Julius Caesar's father-in-law (Senator?)

    Juilius Caesar himself (not clearly an Epicurean, although he was accused of Epicurean tendencies in Cicero's orations re Cataline Conspiracy)

    Plotina, wife of Emperor Trajan