Reminder About The "No Politics" Rule At EpicureanFriends

  • It's hard to avoid hearing the news of the world, and I think Epicurus would want us to pay as close attention as necessary to ensure our safety and happiness. Many of the principal doctrines are devoted to justice and other social issues that have major political ramifications.

    However for the good of our work in the promotion of Epicurean philosophy in general, as opposed to our own personal application of it, we have a rule against postings that cross the admittedly difficult-to-discern line into "partisan politics."

    We have had very little issue with needing to moderate posts in the pasts, and opening up political discussions from one side or another would invite responses that would likely result in polarization over issues that are not essential to our purpose here.

    We have an intelligent group of moderators here who have devoted a lot of time and effort in the past into the community we are building here at EpicureanFriends, and we will have continue to review our rules as time goes by.

    Until such time as any changes are announced in our policies, we ask that posters continue to abide by this forum rule as they have done in the past. Thanks to everyone for your cooperation!

  • Cassius

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