Visiting Herculaneum Travel Tips

  • I found this interesting article, newly published, with tips and also compares Herculaneum vs Pompeii. Perfect for "armchair travelers" (such as myself) ...or others who may hope to some day travel to Italy. ( Martin)

    The Villa de Papyri is in Herculaneum, but I am not certain if that is open.

    This article is long (be sure to keep scrolling past the many pictures/ads, as there are lots of details).

    How to visit Herculaneum (and 3 huge reasons why you should) - Helen on her Holidays
    Visiting Herculaneum, a Roman city destroyed at the same time as Pompeii, is really rewarding. Here's how to visit Herculaneum on your trip to Italy.

  • There's also The Herculaneum Society, promoting the study of the archeological site and of the papyri. They hold a biannual conference and minor events througout the year. I tried to attend last year, but the conference had been already sold out.

    Offtopic: It seems there is amazing progress in digital unrolling of yet unaccessible papyri. Unfortunaly, the data surpasses my browsers capacity, perhaps someone else can check out some of the scans.

  • Oh that link is cool!!


    P.Herc. 89 = Philodemus, On God's.

    P.Herc. 118 = Philodemus, On Epicurus.

    P.Herc. 1005= Philodemus, To... (This is the one with the Tetrapharmakos in)

    P.Herc. 1044 = Life of Philonides of Laodicea

  • Are you able to read them? I only have android, so seemed like it wouldn't open for me. What was on there?