Possible new method for reading Herculaneum scrolls

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  • Quote

    It could be exciting times for Epicureans if this is succesful!

    We have been incredibly fortunate.

    If Diogenes Laertius had been a less sympathetic biographer...

    If Poggio hadn't laid his hands on the manuscript of Lucretius at the monastery in Fulda...

    If Vesuvius hadn't buried Herculaneum...

    If Cicero had been less the combative showman...

    Our school seems to specialize in Resurrection ;) .

  • On the other hand, and as Cassius has noted elsewhere, interpreting fragmentary texts is...hmm...well, I hope there was at least a footnote about this.


    ...scholars had previously read the Greek word for "charmed." But the new imaging showed it actually said "enslaved."

    "Very different!" Ranocchia said.



  • LOL is right. That IS funny. I know they generally do the best they can but this is like some Vanna White "Wheel of fortune" game. Before long they will be reporting that he was enslaved by the charms of his Platonic lover of something! :)

    "Fleischer also says that the text calls into doubt certain historical details about Plato — for example, it suggests that he was enslaved at an earlier date than previously believed"