Buried by Vesuvius exhibit

  • You're welcome! If you can't make it to the exhibit, the article has a link to the catalogs if they're of any interest. Kind of expensive, but cheaper than a plane ticket.

  • A brief review of the exhibit is at:


    It's a brief but interesting review, but I'm noting it primarily due to the last photo, shown just after a photo of the piglet. The object is described as an "iPhone-size sundial in the shape of a prosciutto ham. A missing tail served as the gnomon. The gallery label says: "Its unique shape may be a playful link to Epicurean philosophy, with the pig as symbol of tranquility and freedom from fear of death: piglet today, pork tomorrow—carpe diem."

  • When people talk about scrolls and fragments, this is what they're referring to....

    Apologies for the poor quality cellphone pictures, but I was amazed by these. How people have been able to rescue these texts just boggles the mind. There is also a video describing current efforts with 3D scanning and AI; apparently the technology is still being developed so results are down the road a ways.

  • More great pictures! Thank you! We keep hearing about advanced technology, but never really hearing about any success with it. But part of the problem seems to me to be that we don't seem to have good access to the latest results from the scholars that are supposedly researching this. You would think that there would be at least one or more good websites dedicated to the latest findings with regular updates, but so far I am not able to find any.

  • Here's an article from 2018 which seems pretty comprehensive:


    According to this they've only been successful with small fragments so there's not much text to publish. And in addition to the technological issues, getting access to the scrolls is a major challenge.

    Also the Getty is presenting a lecture in October on the subject; maybe the speakers mentioned are worth researching: