Editing The Lexicon

  • Editing the Lexicon

    Editing the Lexicon is restricted to certain users.

    If you are granted editing privileges, you will see an EDIT button at the bottom of existing lexicon entries.&thumbnail=1

    If you can't see that edit button and you want to request editing access, please message the administrator..

    The "lexicon" feature captures a snapshot of the entry after each change, and it keeps a history which is visible by clicking the CHANGELOG button at the very bottom of the entry:


    That Changelog entry makes it possible to roll back edits and restore previous entries.

    If anyone does not see those buttons please message the administrator as the user "permissions" may need adjustment.

    Some articles in the Lexicon are essentially subitems of a main discussion and therefore they need to be linked into a main article.

    The master index of all articles is here: https://www.epicureanfriends.com/wcf/lexicon/

    When you want to create a new article you select ADD ARTICLE to add a new article:


    If you are editing what amounts to being a sub-page for an existing article, the way to create the new article and then reference it in an existing article would be:

    1 - Go to the main article and add an entry under the category that best fits.

    2 - Go to the Lexicon index page and add an article with the same name as the name by which you intend to refer to it in the main article.

    3- Go back to the location in the main article, add the name of the article, and link to the address of the new article that you have just created. You create that link using the hyperlinking function just like you do in any regular post - there's no special "wiki" syntax for that purpose.

    4. Be sure to add "tags" to the new article you have created to indicate the subject matter.

    After that then editing of that new article should be able to proceed over time.

    If you are adding an article please be sure to note who first contributed it. In the dedicated article please adds something like (Added by Xxxxx) to the end of the article.

    For general information as to the features and use of the lexicon software, please click here.