Timeline of Epicureanism from Classical Athens to Late Antiquity

This timeline was made here where you can view the original document. Special thanks to Nate, Don, and Cassius for their earlier work on timetables and lists of succession. The succession of the Scholarchs is adapted from T. Dorandi's scholarly work.

This was produced using a Premium service, but as always we are on the lookout for Free and Open Source alternatives and will appreciate any suggestions!

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  • Joshua, this is excellent!

    It is also one of the weirdest things that you have been working on this privately, because I swear to Zeus that I have been working on an ancient timeline for the last four weeks and am immanently close to sharing it as well. This looks great on the site!

    • I'll be very happy to see what you come up with! Like Cassius says, something that can be exported as a vector graphic would be a huge improvement!

    • Speaking of which, @Cassius what is the maximum size of an image that can be uploaded to the EF gallery?

    • Sorry Nate I just saw your comment. I'll have to check on what the max size is but if you need more than your current limit let me know.

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