Obtain Tranquil Peace

"Meanwhile, cause the barbarous business of warfare to be lulled to sleep over every land and sea. For you alone have the influence to obtain for mortals the blessing of tranquil peace, since barbarous war is the province of Mars mighty in arms who stretches himself back upon your lap, vanquished by the never-healing wound of love; throwing back his handsome neck and gazing up at you, in open-mouthed wonderment he feasts his greedy eyes with love; and, as he reclines, his breath hangs upon your lips. As he rests upon your holy body, bend, goddess, to enfold him in your arms; and from your lips, worshipful lady, let a stream of sweet, coaxing words flow in an appeal on behalf of the Romans for placid peace. For at this tempestuous time in my country's history, I cannot tackle my task with tranquil mind, and the gravity of the situation is such that the noble descendant of the Memmii cannot fail the cause of public security." (Lucretius, De Rerum Natura Book I:30-45; translated by M. F. Smith)