One Day As Eternity


Might Philodemus help rescue the Rescuers with the following?

But the sensible man, having received that which can secure the whole of what is sufficient for a happy life, immediately then for the rest (of his life) goes about laid out for burial, and he profits by one day as (he would) by eternity, and when (the day) is being taken away, he neither <considers the things happening (to him)> surprising nor goes along (with them) as one falling somewhat short of the best life, but going forward and receiving in a remarkable manner the addition provided by time, as one who has met with a paradoxical piece of good luck, he is grateful to circumstances even for this. [38.14038.25]

Part of this is not unlike PD 20 ... (David B. Suits, Epicurus and the SIngularity of Death, 58)

The image above features a blue mayfly. The mayfly has the shortest lifespans of any known organism, lasting from days, to only hours.