Epicurean Philosophers by Nathan H. Bartman 3.0

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A definitive list of our Epicurean friends throughout history.

This document represents my findings after conducting several months of research to compile a (nearly-)complete list of every Epicurean philosopher and committed contributor to the Epicurean tradition, from ancient philoi, to classical amici, medieval vriunt, French amis, Japanese tomodachi, and other, contemporary friends. This list not only includes orthodox Epicureans, but also neo-Epicureans, such as the Christian-Epicureans of the Renaissance, atheistic French libertines like Ninon l'Enclos, and philosophers of the English-speaking world like Jefferson. Each entry refers to a historical figure proposed by a published academic. None of these entries reflect my sole interpretation.

I hope for this document to be used as a point of reference as well as a survey to provoke discussion about the various manifestations of Epicurus' philosophy throughout history. May you find it useful and may you enjoy the same fruits of pleasure that our predecessors throughout the centuries have shared.

  • Version 3.0

    I added a cover page and a table of contents with hyperlinks for easy navigation.

  • This is extremely well done! This is probably the best list that exists. I have a few good French compilations that are so good I stopped trying, but this is far better.

  • Wow that is an amazing piece of work - thank you!

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