Twentieth Celebration - Zoom Gathering 8:00pm Eastern Time

This Zoom meeting is open to all Level 3 members of the forum. We begin with a meet-and-greet and a short reading, which is followed by either a focus topic or open discussion. And we often discuss recent popular forum threads. This meeting is a great way to build friendship and community with fellow Epicureans, while enjoying discussion of Epicureanism.

The Twentieth as a commemoration / assembly date was established by the ancient Epicureans in memory of Epicurus and Metrodorus.

The background of this event is as follows:

From the will of Epicurus in Diogenes Laertius:

"The income of the property left by me to Amynomachus and Timocrates shall be divided by them as far as possible, with the advice of Hermarchus, for the offerings in honor of my father and mother and brothers, and for the customary celebration of my birthday every year on the tenth of Gamelion, and likewise for the assembly of my disciples which takes place on the twentieth of each month, having been established in recollection of myself and Metrodorus. Let them also keep the day of my brothers in Poseideon and the day of Polyaenus in Metageitmon, as I have done myself."

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