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    Epicurean Philosophy or Epicureanism?

    In a recent conversation to the Garden of Thessaloniki, a question was raised whether the Epicureans could participate as a party to the political scene of the Country. The friend George Kaplanis replied that this could not be done, because Epicurean philosophy is not an ideology, and as a philosophy is or should be in the background of politics, in the same way that philosophy, although not a science, is in the background of all sciences.

    If philosophy

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    "The Canon of Epicurus In Everyday Life"

    The purpose of this proposition is a brief introduction to the Canon of Epicurus that will help us to use it in our everyday life. There are, of course, studies on logical issues, which are very advanced and are based on studies of brain function, mathematical formulas etc. These are extremely important issues, but we, who do not study Logic in universities, should have help in our everyday life on this field.

    When we were at school, we used to call

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    PREFACE 1.

    We often confuse the issue of the possibility of free will exercising with the issue of its existence. When we are unable to exercise it we say with sloppiness that it does not exist. This "I want but I can’t or I don’t want but I am forced" puts into testing our individual self-esteem. But any coercion and enforcement exists precisely because there is free will and some of the people have the power to exercise it, usually at the expense of the others.

    We have extreme

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    Genetics and Bioethics - A Philosophical Approach - By Christois Yapijakis

    Christos Yapijakis recently presented a seminar on Genetics and Bioethics about 10 days ago at the University of Cyprus postgraduate program in Biological Sciences. The context of the presentation was the news of the recent gene-edited babies born due to a Chinese scientist.

    Please click here for a PDF of the full presentation

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    The Epicurean Critique of Mathematics

    I just received this link and have not had a chance to read it but the topic seems fascinating ("The Epicurean Critique of Mathematics") and it comes to us through our friends in Greece. Please read and comment when you can either here or at the Facebook group!

    Update: There's a lot of good information in this article that will be helpful for anyone who wants to read up on the subject. However

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