A New Personal Philosophy: Hedonic Pragmatics

Friends, recent discussions have prompted me to finally get around to clarifying my own take on Epicurean Philosophy, which I have named "Hedonic Pragmatics"-- a new philosophy that is still closely connected to Epicurean Philosophy. I think what I've said would be fully supported by Epicurus, but I can't prove that. The major point of difference is that I have moved prolepses out of the Canon and into a group of processing functions of the brain.

I needed to lay out the fundamentals in my first posts, but hereafter I plan to focus for quite some time on the practical life pleasures-- related to some of the conversations here about establishing practices to enhance our pleasures. I did one short piece on that already, "Philosophy in Action", but there will be much more detail along those lines eventually.

My audience, I think, will mainly be those who share my distaste for religiosity and the "not even wrong" category of assertions about reality, assertions which are exempt to being falsified by evidence and which function as fixed beliefs. As a poet and music lover, I deeply enjoy all manner of art, metaphor, symbolism, and ritual-- but I object to taking those things literally. In fact, to me it ruins aesthetic, metaphorical pleasure to literalize myths and imagination. Literal beliefs in "the divine" and so on make metaphor dry and unenchanting-- for me.

I am very curious if anyone else here shares my perspective. I would rather not debate these things-- I am more interested in finding others who enjoy discussing topics from this point of view.