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    Journaling during this time has been tremendously helpful. I find not only reflecting on the day to be helpful, but I add a little space for both pleasures to look forward to, pleasures from the past for reflection and to savor, and pleasure i can actively seek or create for the day.

    Granted I've had more time for journaling since taking leave from work, but I've always found ways to write in some shape or form and this style I've currently been able work with has been very conducive to my nature, and hopefully someone else may find it in agreement with theirs as well.

    Thank you for the suggestions and ideas! It also sounds like you have been able to avoid the virus as well and maintain physical health. Cassius

    Although I am more biased towards discord, a group discussion would be something to most definitely consider. I do recall though that some members in the past have had technical issues with discord, so Skype is a good alternative as well. I'll be upfront and say I personally wouldn't use Zoom however. Too many privacy issues with the application.

    As a more introverted individual, my initial go-to pleasures to aid me were things such as extended solitary walks in nature, foods I enjoy, and some moderate exercise to just get back in touch with my physicality. I also maintained a daily meditation habit, as well as pursuing some journal sessions using Tarot cards.

    Now for those who may be of the opinion that meditation and Tarot fall under "woo", I approach them as a framework for personal psychology and reflection. This could very well be a topic in itself however, and to avoid debate about them in this thread, I respect that such approaches to meditation may not be one's cup of tea.

    Now that I have had time to recharge, I have found myself wanting to once again reach out more, especially as I had stepped away from online communities and projects. So I am very thankful that we live in such a time where forums and social media can be of use if mindful of them.

    I think this is where time management will now become a bigger factor, because returning soon to work, I'll have to find ways to fit in these restorative activities within the confines of a strict work schedule, and that's where it gets a bit tricky I think. These activities and pleasures are things that help to make the pains of work more tolerable, and yet this pain is not only a large part of a day (8 waking hours of ones schedule) but as of now a necessity so that I may be able pursue these simple pleasures without anxieties of basic material needs.

    I'd hate to leave this post on a somewhat negative note, but this is the difficulty I am currently coming across.

    Hello all,

    The past couple of weeks have been an absolute roller-coaster for me, so much so have only recently started to use social media and forums again. I'm sure it has been a difficult time for all during this pandemic, and I wish for the good health of all here. Unfortunately, about a week and a half back I started to suffer from severe burnout and fatigue from work and had to distance myself from many online communities I was engaged in, as well as having to cease any and all extraneous projects of passion and curiosity (one being a document me and Charles had planned to work on, as well as an Epicurean focused Instagram project) so that I could dedicate what little free time and energy I had to university coursework.

    I finally hit that edge and took a two weeks leave from work after seeing the symptoms of a breakdown creeping upon me along with falling behind in studies and concerned for my health in general, and took about one week of just being with myself and taking a break from just about any external stimulus to clear my mind and get back in touch with myself again.

    I make this post in hopes of having some discussion regarding Epicurean approaches to these very modern day issues such as mental and physical fatigue from the workplace, and perhaps some remedies towards them? Life continues on and I will be returning to work within the next week, and though the leave has been somewhat restorative, I know that the stresses will always be there, and considering all that is going on, jumping ship from work completely is a bit too risky as of now. Time management is something of a factor as well, because I want to (even if slowly) begin to work on these projects once more.

    Warm regards,

    A Gardner

    I'll set it up tonight then and leave a link to both share and if anyone has any input or suggestions. Thank you Cassius

    Charles I appreciate the offer and will certainly discuss some of the content with you as well. I'll start off slowly at first, but we can link these pieces of content back to both these forums and your Discord server, if you're comfortable with that, as well as the various sites and projects of other members on here.

    I brought this up on Charles Discord server, but I'm on Instagram and can find very little on Epicurean philosophy, as browsing the hashtag brings up results for epicureanism with a little "e" (for all of the foodies). I also follow a couple of Stoic and general philosophy accounts on there, and their posts are generally just a really popular quote with a picture of a bust in the background.

    Considering these things, I am reaching out to both ask if anyone on here may know of some Instagram accounts worth following for interest in Epicurean teachings, and to also gauge interest in the idea itself if none such accounts exist or if they are very few.

    I myself would actually be very interested in starting and maintaining an Instagram account that posts both quotes and passages from Epicurean writers, with visual/audio accompaniment that's related to the topic of said passage used. Even memes would be fine with me. Perhaps I can use and credit/link to sources on this website and others with permission?

    Hello all and thank you for the both the introduction and recommendation for the forum Charles .

    I want to preface this introduction with saying that while I find the majority of my personal inclinations in line with the teachings of Epicurus, I am still always learning and am inclined to learning from many sources (both Epicurean and non), as well as constantly re-examining my beliefs and questioning sources of information. That being said, I always strive to do so in a manner of genuine curiosity and a want of learning, never to antagonize or call into question the validity of someone's personal experiences or beliefs. I have also read the rules and courtesies here, so I will keep any discussion of non Epicurean philosophy to a minimum and based on the topic at hand.

    Charles recommended this forum as a great source of discussion, and from the browsing I have done before registering I wholeheartedly agree, so I look forward to learning even more on this philosophy and discussing both theories and practices with you all!