Opening of Subforums To Allow Communication Between Greek and and English-speaking Epicureans.

  • It has come to my attention that there are people interested in discussing Epicurus who do not speak English, and we need to address that. As a first step I have set up a forum category has now been set up for languages other than English at, starting with subforums for Greek and Spanish. More importantly, however, we need communication between those who can only speak English and those who can only speak Greek or Spanish or some other non-English language. It seems to me what we ought to be able to organize volunteers who have to time and who are bilingual to come to these subforum and translate back and forth as needed. I've set up these forums at to make that easier, but we can also do it at Facebook. No doubt there are some people who are only reachable on Facebook and others who are only off Facebook.

    Let's discuss this. How can we organize and cooperate to allow non-English-speakers to read what we write about Epicurus, and vice-versa? At Facebook, should we just state that it is ok (for those who have no other option) to post questions in languages other than English and rely on volunteers to translate when they can? Presumably each language needs its on primary forum (and we have that set up at but we still need an avenue to encourage specific efforts at cross-communication.

    Over the years the Greek Epicureans have been very active but almost totally isolated from English-speaking Epicureans, except for the efforts of Elli and Takis and a very few others. What can we do to improve this situation?