Video Blogging

  • It seems clear that video blogging is growing to be more and more popular, and it might currently be the best way to reach new audiences. I am thinking of relatively short (definitely less than 30 minutes; maybe 15 minutes or less) video presentations that can be digested in one viewing. Some of us are getting some practice by participating in the Norman DeWitt book review discussions, and it would not take much more effort to organize a set of questions for discussion that can then be edited and packaged into a real video blog or at least a couple of introductory video presentations.

    The purpose of this thread is to start discussion and planning, so anyone who has ideas on this please add to the thread.

  • Philosophy Tube makes vids that are very professional and personal and well made. The "it's good to be smart" and "School of Life" channels' videos could also be a good model.

    "Please always remember my doctrines!" - Epicurus' last words

  • Actually yes Hiram I am thinking that rather than undertaking a set schedule, we could just do a one-shot deal with a couple of us answering a list of questions, or some other similar track that would make for a reasonable-length summary. Sort of like:

    1. Intro to the program as to subjects covered
    2. Introduce the speakers / participants
    3. Moderator pose the questions and let the speakers/participants address them.
    4. List of questions, all revolving around the major focus of Epicurean philosophy, what makes it unique, what is misunderstood:
      1. (i'll have to come back to this to flesh it out)