Episodes of Lucretius Today Podcast at Youtube

  • To make the podcast more visible and easier to find we will upload select episodes and series to YouTube. If you get a chance a "like" will be appreciated and should contribute to visibility.

    With an assist from TauPhi I have started with posting the series we did on the Letter To Menoeceus, and we will follow with others.

    With the format we will probably continue to use, the viewer on Youtube can go directly to any episode in the playlist by clicking on the start time in the description. (That navigation is not visible here at EF as it is necessary to open the comments to see the list.)

    Let us know if you have suggestions or comments, and thanks to the podcasters for their contributions.

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  • Great Idea, a lot of podcasts seem to gain popularity there.

    Mελετᾶν οὖν χρὴ τὰ ποιοῦντα τὴν εὐδαιμονίαν.

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