Forum Outage of August 17, 2023

  • We have just returned from a several hour outage this morning. It appears that little or nothing has been lost from recent postings, but if you are aware of anything lost or other issues please post here.

    As per the info in the right-hand panel, our first line of backup is checking in at where I will post updates as to what is going on and suggestions for places to talk while the main site is down.

    We need further backup channels and I will post further about ideas on that.

    Sorry for the absence but glad to be back!

  • I have added another address that hopefully is easy to remember in case of outage.

    Anytime we have an outage first try "" and that should get you to the same page for the latest update information.

    Given that is tied to the same domain, however, and might be subject to the same problem as the main website, you can always resort to which is hosted on completely separate servers.

    New post with additional thoughts on backup platforms: