August 16, 2023 - Wednesday Night Zoom - VS 20 & 21

  • Tomorrow Night at 8pm ET - We will discuss the Vatican Sayings - 20 and 21 - Open to forum members - message me if you need the Zoom link.

    Bailey translation:

    VS20. Of our desires some are natural and necessary, others are natural but not necessary; and others are neither natural nor necessary, but are due to groundless opinion.

    VS21. We must not force Nature but persuade her. We shall persuade her if we satisfy the necessary desires, and also those bodily desires that do not harm us, while sternly checking those that are harmful.

    St. Andre translation:

    VS 21: Nature must be persuaded, not forced. And we will persuade nature by fulfilling the necessary desires, and the natural desires too if they cause no harm, but sharply rejecting the harmful desires.

    PD5: It is not possible to live joyously without also living wisely and beautifully and rightly, nor to live wisely and beautifully and rightly without living joyously; and whoever lacks this cannot live joyously.