20th of July, 2023 - 20th Celebration/Philosophy Discussion - Via Zoom

  • Hi Everyone,

    Coming up this next Thursday evening is our 20th meeting via Zoom - open to all Level 3 forum members. As usual, we will commemorate the 20th with greetings, a short reading, and then discussion on the latest forum threads. This month we will commemorate not only Epicurus/Metrodorus, but also one (or two) other famous ancient Epicurean(s), according to our new commemoration calendar -- this will likely be incorporated into the short reading at the start of the meeting, since we want to leave enough time to enjoy discussion.

    If you are Level 03 but don't have the Zoom link, please message me to receive it.

    If you are Level 01 and thinking you may be interested in attending, please message me to find out how you can become a Level 03 member.

    Looking forward to seeing you there :)