Table Of Key Tags Added to Front Page

  • We've added a new section to the front page - a "Table of Key Tags" which appears right after the "Table of Key Discussions." (Scroll down the page and you will see it.)

    Personally I have not used the "Tag" feature of the forum very much, but it is a very useful addition to the organization of the site into Forum Sections and Threads.

    Generally when starting or looking for an existing thread, it's a good idea to look at the "Table of Key Discussions" to help find the place to post. However any discussion might contain a post that contains information of importance to a key concept (tag) that's outside the scope of the discussion, so when making a post or adding a picture or an article you can use either the dedicated "Tag" box for the post or simply add the familiar #Hashtag format to create a tag.

    The "Table of Key Tags" also serves the purpose of reminding people of what the most important tags are and helps standardize them, so that for example we generally use #Twentieth rather than some other form such as 20er.

    Tags which appear in white mean that there are no matches yet, but let's start to use those so they fill in.

    Tags can be created at will simply by using the # sign in front of the word, just like other sites such as Twitter. However in order to keep the table manageable, only key tag concepts will be listed in the box.

    If you have suggestions as to how better to use this feature, or for 'key tags" which deserve a place in the "Table of Key Tags" box, please let us know in this thread.