Venus de Milo

  • Livioandronico2013 - Own work

    CC BY-SA 4.0

    Tomorrow, Saturday April 8th, is the 203rd anniversary of the rediscovery of the Venus de Milo in 1820. As Don pointed out recently, April was the month dedicated to Venus/Aphrodite by the Romans.

    Creatress, mother of the Roman line,

    Dear Venus, joy of earth and joy of heaven,

    All things that live below that heraldry

    Of star and planet, whose processional

    Moves ever slow and solemn over us,

    All things conceived, all things that face the light

    In their bright visit, the grain-bearing fields,

    The marinered oceans, where the wind and cloud

    Are quiet in your presence – all proclaim

    Your gift, without which they are nothingness.

    For you that sweet artificer, the earth,

    Submits her flowers, and for you the deep

    Of ocean smiles, and the calm heaven shines

    With shoreless light.

    -Trans. Rolfe Humphries