"Living for Pleasure" Book Study Group - Starting April 30th - Via Zoom

  • We will keep an open group for the "Living for Pleasure" book review and discussion via Zoom, for all forum members - so you can still drop into to the next meeting even if you haven't yet attended. Just let us know if you are interested here in this thread.

    This next Sunday at 8:30pm ET - May 14th we will be covering chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12, and I will be presenting a few of the highlights.

  • I work in a restaurant on most Sunday nights. My schedule changes week to week. I hope I can attend one or two. Thanks for organizing this.

  • "Living for Pleasure" book review continues tomorrow (Sunday night) at 8:30 pm ET -- we will cover chapters 13 - 16:

    13. Ambition, Work, and Success

    14. Greed for Life

    15. Misfortune and Resilience

    16. Of Sex, Love, and Harmless Pleasure

    This Zoom group is open to all forum members -- and open even if you haven't attended the previous weeks -- just let us know here in this thread if you are interested, and then we can get the further meeting info to you in a private forum message.

  • I will do my best to at least listen in. I have sleep apnea and may not be able to last the entire time.

    I can't wait to meet someone who is living the life.

  • I have conflicts that make it hard to make the Sunday zooms but I try to read the notes and some of the forum. I did notice that now that I'm aware of Epicuris, that even as a newbie, I am noticing it in culture and in my life. I wanted to share one video I saw, youtube channel, Hank Green, vlogbrothers - Title - So, I've got cancer, @ 9:25 Hank talks about friendship in a very epicurean way that I found inspiring about needing friends and being a friend and is worth looking up.

    Spoiler - Hank has a very treatable form of cancer and expects to make a full recovery.

  • Thanks, Lowri834 , I just saw Green's video over the weekend. For those curious:

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    I did notice that now that I'm aware of Epicuris, that even as a newbie, I am noticing it in culture and in my life.

    Agreed. Epicurean ideas are far more prevalent in culture than people realize, from science to psychology to "common sense." People just aren't aware of them.

  • June 4th at 8:30pm ET will be an opportunity to meet author Emily Austin! And we will have a Q&A session!

    This is open to all forum members regardless of previous book review attendance.

    So mark your calendars! And let us know if you are interested in attending -- forum members please post here if you are interesting in attending and we will get the Zoom link to you by private forum message.

    Note: For previous book review attendees, we will use the same Zoom link as previous weeks.

    (For ongoing attendees: the May 28th meeting will cover chapters 17 - 24).

  • I'd like to attend.

    Godfrey, Thanks for the RSVP! -- your name is included the private conversation with the Zoom link, so you should have access to the link -- and we will send out a message as a reminder as the event approaches.

  • In order for us to handle the Q&A with Dr. Austin efficiently, it would be good to have a list of prepared questions that Kalosyni or other moderators of the discussion can use to start everything off.

    We will compile a list such as (for example only):

    1 - If you were writing the book over again today, would you change anything?

    2 - What plans do you have for future writing on Epicurus?

  • *Update For May 28th* -- we will cover the last 8 chapters because we would like to devote the entire session on June 4th to the Q&A with Emily Austin. -- Onenski, Cleveland Okie, TauPhi that will give us a lot to cover but I think we can do it just fine. :)

    *Update For June 4th* -- "Meet the Author" -- We would like to have people submit questions ahead of time, and then the moderator will ask Emily Austin the questions. So please go ahead and post all questions in the new thread we created.

  • Let's use THIS thread of Kalosyni's to accumulate questions for Emily Austin:

  • Now that our book review is complete let me thank all who participated, and especially Emily Austin who joined in our final session. We'll plan a new program soon and we'll rotate back to "Living for Pleasure" in the future.

    One comment I wanted to make about the discussion in the final session was a point that Godfrey raised. The question that he raised was rather it would be possibly more effective - at least in certain situations - to organize the presentation around "feeling" (feeling of pleasure and pain) rather than strictly and immediately pleasure.

    I agree with that point and maybe Godfrey or I can start a new thread to extend it.

    Cicero's taunt to Torquatus was that you can't go in front of the Senate and People as a leader and call for the pursuit of "pleasure," and I think one way of meeting that charge and actually doing so is to point out that what Epicurus was really advocating was the following of Nature - through the faculty of feeling pleasure and pain. I think at least as a rhetorical strategy that makes a lot of sense, and I read that into what Cassius Longinus was saying back to Cicero in his letters,. that the officers like himself and Pansa were following both pleasure and virtue (justice) in what they were doing, which is something that people can understand, when the call to "virtue" alone doesn't really mean anything understandable. The subtext is that the emotional attachment to what they were fighting for is the feeling of pleasure, properly understood, that can motivate just as easily, or more so, than the call to "virtue."