Current Restructuring of Forum Categories and Threads

  • Wanted to give out an FYI -- Work is currently in progress in reorganizing the forum, so if you notice files moving around don't panic. Just post here if you have any questions or difficulty in finding something. I am also in process of filing threads from "General Discussion", so that they will be in their appropriate categories.

    And feel free to let me know if you have any input or suggestions in regard to forum categories.

    Thanks! :)

  • Thank you very much for all this work Kalosyni. It is my understanding that the forum software will adjust and fix any links that might change, so we should not have any disruption.

    The search engine is always available, but what we want in addition to that is a structure that makes sense where people can find things without too much hunting.

    That's the purpose of both the "Key Discussions" box and also the "Board List" that appears at the top of the main forum list page to point to subforums and threads of special interest. Unfortunately both of these "box" lists have to be kept manually updated, so if anyone finds that any links in them are out of date please let us know.


  • Latest change on the order of the forum sub-sections - The Epicurean lifestyle and self-improvement folder no longer has its own separate section - It has now been moved under Ethics.