Two Significant Front-Page Changes

  • After considerable discussion two significant front-page changes have been made. Please let us know if you have significant good or bad reactions:

    (1) The "Announcements Box" had been deleted. The thought behind this change is that regulars use the notification system (red dot on the bell) and new browsers won't know what to make of it anyway. Further, on mobile the announcement box can be confusing because if you thumb down at the wrong place it looks like you are scrolling down the page when you are really just scrolling down the announcement box.

    (2) The "Welcome New User" box has been given a "Click to Expand" button so that most of the outline text on the basics of Epicurean philosophy is hidden unless that box is checked.

    Comments and suggestions are appreciated. The organizing principle of the first page is that we trying to strike a balance between information overload vs making sure that on first visits people see samples of what resources are here. No doubt we'll always be fine-tuning this.