Profile Picture Icons

  • I am inquiring to find out where Kalosnyi got the new fighting pig icon. I can't really tell what is presently on the hat but it is possible that modifying it to add the leaping pig might make an excellent icon - maybe one of the best on the forum!


  • It is a tiny Epicurus bust on the hat, but the image is a bit small/slightly blurry. I found the basic pig on the internet, and changed the color of the neck scarf, altered the smile, and added the hat pin.

  • Very well thought out and it looks good full size, but maybe the icon-shaped leaping pig would be more recognizable as an icon.

    I think the "militant look" combined with the leaping pig has some definite flair to it :)

  • I think the "militant look" combined with the leaping pig has some definite flair to it

    I decided to go with something different for my profile. I haven't changed my profile picture in a long time, because it is hard to settle into one picture. I think I am going to try to stick with this one (and not keep trying more).

    Nike, the Goddess of Victory holding up an image of Epicurus (unfortuately it got a bit blurry since I am not using a very good app).

  • As far as copyright goes on images, not sure if you modify something enough from the original, but even then there could still be copyright issues.

  • My only hesitation is that the picture has - to me - an almost Jesus vibe with the orientation of the face and the long hair. I didn't notice the pig until cassius pointed it out.

    “For if we are to speak, as the majesty of his revelations demand, a god he was, a god […] who first discovered that principle of life which is now identified with wisdom, and who by his genius saved life from such mighty waves and such deep darkness and moored it in such calm water and so brilliant light.” (Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, Book V, Lines 7-12)