Epicurus' Birthday 2023 - (The Most Comprehensive Picture Yet!)

  • "THE ELDER PLINY ON PHILOSOPHERS." MIRIAM GRIFFIN. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies. Supplement. No. 100, VITA VIGILIA EST: ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF BARBARA LEVICK (2007), pp. 85-101 (17 pages)

    Excerpt p.91:

    Pliny 's philosophical stance

    There is not need here to describe and analyze the philosophical or quasi-philosophical views of the Elder Pliny, since that difficult task has been done very well by Mary Beagon and others.28 There is a consensus that Pliny is not an adherent of any one philosophical doctrine, but that his mental landscape features strong Stoic elements, notably on cosmology, non-anthropomorphic conception of the divine (with HN 2.14, cf. Sen. Nat. 2.45), the existence of divine Providence, and man's centrality in the universe. There is also a clear debt to Epicureanism, notably in the rejection of belief in the after life (HN 7.5), belief in astrology and various forms of divination (2.23-24, 2.28, 11.273), and, at one point, belief in direct providential concern for individuals (2.20): superstitions from which the rational study of nature can free us (2.54).

    (HN = Natural History)

  • Okay, as a Christmas present to the forum, I've uploaded the "final" version of my 13-page paper presenting the reasons to accept that Epicurus was, in fact, born on the 20th day of the month of Gamelion:


    Ready for download. Hope you enjoy.

  • For anyone interested, I just saw this lunar calendar for 2023 available online.

    2023 EarthSky Lunar Calendar
    A unique and beautiful poster-sized calendar. Keep up with all phases of the moon every night of the year! Check out our article! How to use EarthSky’s lunar…

    I found it fascinating to see the phases all in one grid.

    PS. There's also a moon phase calendar at this site:

  • Here is an interesting article on when you can see the new moon crescent, and in ancient times that would be the start of the month (and if I remember correctly the start of the day):

    What's the youngest moon you can see with your eye alone? | Space | EarthSky
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  • For several years my son and I have looked at the moon most evenings that it's visible. This discussion of the lunar calendar has me intrigued as to what it might be like to tune in more closely to the lunar cycles as another way of being in nature. To that end, I found an app! Oh, the irony....

    At any rate, Daff Moon gets my vote as an excellent tool. I've been using it for a few weeks now; my favorite features are a chart showing the phases of the moon, and a "sphere" feature that shows the sun and the moon in a simple 3D view in relation to the ground plane at my location. It has lots more: the sun, the planets, orbits, if those are of interest. Two thumbs up!

  • Downloaded Daff Moon. Very cool! I especially like - from an Epicurean perspective - that it gives the age of the moon at the bottom. Now, all I have to do is check when it turns over to 20 days and tahdah! It's the eikas... aka protera dekatē! ^^