Upgrade of the "BLOGS" Section

  • Kalosyni asked me about this forum feature recently and why we weren't making more use of it. I responded that I really didn't know how it might work for us, but today I saw an example of a website devoted to a certain topic (internet browsers) but which had cultivated a large community with people who wanted to share their "outside" interests with others in the community. Here's that example, at Vivaldi.net: https://blogs.vivaldi.net

    So with that as background we have moved the blogs section into easier focus, and it can now be accessed at its own memorable URL as https://Blogs.EpicureanFriends.com

    All users here with user level about 3 (which should include most all of our regulars - if not, please ask) can have their own blog section and post articles that will be categorized under their names. (You can post without having a category for your name, but if you would like all your posts gathered under your name, let an Adminstrator know and we will add your name to the category list.)

    The main advantage of posting your blog posts here, rather than perhaps your own private blog a Wordpress.com or similar sites, is that (hopefully!) we have a little more traffic from known friendly acquaintances who will come across your posts more readily here than if they just had to find you with a general Google search. (Nevertheless, it's a good idea for you to have another location to preserve your work in case this site has technical issues.)

    The top of the page has this posting guideline:


    Here regular members of the EpicureanFriends community are invited to post personal articles about a wide range of topics, even those that aren't strictly philosophical, but which our members find relevant to happy living. Our topic rules are relaxed in this section, but please continue to follow the general guidelines of posting here at EpicureanFriends.com, which means primarily: Don't post about current politics or advocacy of positions that are clearly contrary to core Epicurean positions on supernatural religion, life after death, and the like.

    There's a long tag/category list that includes the following - we can add more if needed.


    1. Epicurean Ethics19
    2. Epicurean Physics6
    3. Epicurean Canonics8
    4. Epicurean History8
    5. General27
    6. Family0
    7. Food / Cooking0
    8. Gaming0
    9. Health & Fitness0
    10. Literature & Poetry0
    11. Movies & TV0
    12. Music0
    13. Pets0
    14. Photography0
    15. Security and Privacy0
    16. Productivity0
    17. Science0
    18. Sports0
    19. Technology0
    20. Travel0
    21. Miscellaneous

    We probably already have many posts in the forums on the above topics, and this sectioning off is not meant to replace forum posting in any way. It's primarily aimed at topics (Pets, Food, Travel, etc) that are only tangentially related with the core Epicurean focus of the website, and it's intended to be a place were regulars here who want to communicate with other regulars can post about their interests without fear of being "off-topic."

    We can make course adjustments if and when the section starts being used. Let us know your comments in the thread below.