Nope, have not nor plan to try...

  • I'd try it...

    Is it a sour?

    LOL I have no idea. I haven't had the nerve to purchase a can. I like my beer, but pickle flavored? Oh, it appears to be a gose sour ale.

    Epicurean Spicy Pickle
    Few things are better than cracking open that big barrel of spicy pickles at the general store, knowing in short order you'll reach a tart, salty, spicy bliss.…

    Epicurean Series - Spicy Pickle | Urban Artifact
    Epicurean Series - Spicy Pickle is a Gose style beer brewed by Urban Artifact in Cincinnati, OH. Score: 88 with 22 ratings and reviews. Last update: 09-26-2022.

  • Oooh it's from Cincy? I bet I could find it around here. Most of the reviews said that it tasted like a briny cucumber or the bottom of a pickle jar. They also seemed to mostly say that they liked it but they definitely didn't need a 4 pack 😂

    It looks like the "Epicurean" series is a line of more adventurous flavors so maybe they have something more palatable than a spicy pickle?

  • Just this last Saturday there was an afternoon/evening event in a nearby little town, in honor of Oktoberfest (but chose not to partake for various reasons, one of which was no designated driver). Also, the US, breweries often celebrate with a new release of some kind. Anyway, lately I've got beer on my mind (haven't had any in many months). I really can only drink about a half pint at a time, otherwise it hits me too hard. Perhaps I will choose to imbibe just a little on my birthday. Something with a chocolate/coffee finish :saint: