“How Epicurean Science Saves Humanity”

  • “How Epicurean Science Saves Humanity”

    How Epicurean Science Saves Humanity in Lucretius (book chapter)
    An appreciation of Lucretius and Epicureanism. How his science and ethics are related; how he has non-materialist values in a materialist world. Takes issue…

    I would understand “mind” (with the so-called “hard questions” of consciousness, such as intentionality and rationality) as an emergent process, arising from the physical construct of the brain. So, there is no “mind/body(brain)” substance dualism.

    My immediate reaction to what seems an interesting article.

    (I am really just beginning to read Lucretius – embarrassing! ☹ )

  • I look forward to hearing comments from you Pacatus as you read Lucretius. It's a common situation -- lots of people I have come across who say they embrace Epicurus have never bothered to read more than a line or two of Lucretius.

    I really think Lucretius is helpful. What he's writing about are the issues that he saw in his time and world to be important, and he was much closer to the original texts than we are, so through him we have an excellent check on what was really important to the ancient Epicureans vs what we think today is important after 2000 years of indoctrination and filtering through Christian and Stoic commentators.

    So please if you start reading through it don't hesitate to start new threads on whatever topics interest you in it no matter how small.