August 10, 2022 - Epicurean Zoom Discussion - PD19/20

  • Hi Everyone, This Wednesday night at 8:30pm ET - the discussion topic is PD 19 and 20.

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  • Thank you Kalosyni! Many of these doctrines are closely related, and don't lend themselves to bright-line divisions by taking them one at a time. Placing these two together is our effort to evaluate the main ideas here.

  • I found this, which brings in something on the meaning of a "complete life".


    "But if Epicurus aims to give people good lives by making them self-sufficient, he must establish that the life he gives them is not only self-sufficient, but also really good. As Mitsis shows, it is a deep part of Greek ethical belief that eudaimonia, the good life for a human being, must be complete--must, that is, include everything that has intrinsic worth, everything without which a reasonable person will judge the life to be impoverished, lacking in value." -- Review Essay: Epicurus' Ethical Theory: The Pleasures of Invulnerability -- Martha Nussbaum