Alert: Potentially Significant Change in EpicureanFriends URLs Implemented Today

  • Today we have made a modification to the way the "back end" of operates by implementing a "URL Rewrite" option.

    What this means is that if you examine the URLs for each page and post in your navigation bar, you will see that pages which previously appeared with something like:” will turn into “”” will turn into “”

    The reason for this change is that it is widely stated that search engines such as Google do not like the "index.php?" format and will refuse to crawl and index posts with that kind of URL.

    Hopefully this change will not create any problems because old links that you have used in posts here at Epicureanfriends or at other places should continue to work!

    You therefore should not see any changes in the way you are using the forum. You should simply find that the URLs for each page are easier to read and remember. And hopefully you will see posts and pages at Epicureanfriends eventually be easier to find using Google or other search engines.

    However - and this is the reason for this post - unintended consequences are always possible. If you observe any unexpected or negative behavior, please post in this thread so we can track down any problems that pop up.

    Thanks for your understanding and participation here at EpicureanFriends!