August 3rd, 2022 - Epicurean Philosphy Zoom Gathering

  • Thanks for the graphic Kalosyni!

    FYI and FWIW, we are looking at dealing with both PD17 and PD18 this week because 17 references justice but in a very simple way. Probably we would do best to defer a detailed consideration of "justice" until we get to the final ten PDs, so we will keep the discussion of this one limited for the time being.

    On the other hand, PD18 is very challenging, and I suspect we can easily devote most of the session to it. We could probably devote ten sessions to it and still not be finished, but one session can serve as a start.

    And of course we'll have whatever other general discussion is on the minds of the attendees.

  • Here's the link in Nate's PDF to the proper page for the two doctrines for tonight:

    Kuriai Doxai By Nathan H. Bartman ( 2022) : Nathan H. Bartman : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
    A compilation of translations of the Kuriai Doxai, the Principal, Key, or Authorized Docrtines of Epicurus, containing the contributions of Charles Duke...