Applying K/K Theory to Practical Life Issues

  • This thread is a place to post about practical aspects of pleasure and satisfaction, in all things physical and mental.

    We've been having a long running thread on kinetic and katastematic pleasure, and I believe it is important to balance "theory" with some practical applications. I found this article on "intuitive eating" which looks to be very helpful:

    Eating for Fullness vs. Satisfaction – What’s the Difference?


    It is common to think that knowing how much to eat is about focusing on how full you feel and how to stop eating when you feel that fullness. In reality, though, eating an amount that works well for your body is less about learning to feel your fullness and more about ensuring you’re not getting too hungry or depriving yourself. Finding a place of comfortable fullness comes naturally when your body stops feeling deprived. Beyond this, if we tune into satisfaction, we are much more likely to eat until we feel adequately nourished rather than uncomfortably full. Read on for the difference between fullness vs satisfaction and why satisfaction is known as the “hub” of intuitive eating.


    As Rachael Hartley, a fellow registered dietitian, explains: “Fullness is the physical sensation of satiety, while satisfaction is the mental sensation of satiety.”

    Intuitive Eating: Satisfaction vs. Fullness - What's the Difference?
    Understanding a key concept of intuitive eating - satisfaction vs fullness - is key to eating an amount that works well for your body.

    I won't know if the tips presented in this article will work until I try them, but I do feel that I need to impliment some new habits in my life with regard to eating, so that I can put a halt on unhealthy weight gain.

    If anyone else has any other practical tips or insights, please add them to this thread :)