Why Study Epicurus? / Why Attend A Local Epicurean Meeting?

  • Suppose you were an educated but normal person looking to fill some free time in your life, and you knew enough about Epicurus to click on a link taking you information about a Epicurean Meetup Group. What topic/information would you want to see on that site, and what would you want to hear about at the first meeting, that would encourage you to go to the Meetup meeting and then come back again for more. That's not far from asking "why did you click on this Facebook group?" In answer, can you help with this list, or suggest items that might not seem related to these but would attract and maintain interest during the initial phases of learning Epicurean philosophy:

    (1) Epicurus was widely regarded by some of the world's greatest thinkers, including Thomas Jefferson and Frederick Nietzsche, as one of the world's most important philosophers.

    (2) The reason Epicurus has always been held in great esteem by some, and has been hated by many others, is that he taught a way of looking at Nature and our place in it much different from that taught by the religions and philosophies most of us know today.

    (3) Epicurus will teach you why your happiness, and not religious and philosophical abstractions, should be the goal of your life.

    (4) Epicurus will teach you how to deal with the fear of death.

    (5) Epicurus will teach you how to deal with the fear of gods and the threats of religions

    (6) Epicurus will teach you that your emotions are not things to be feared, but important guidance on how you should live your life.

    (7) Epicurus will teach you that you need not consider your world to be unknowable, and that confidence in your place in the world is possible.

    (8) Epicurus will teach you that knowledge is based on the senses, and that calls to "logic" and "reason" must always be grounded in the evidence of the senses.

    (9) Epicurus will teach you the true role of the "virtues" and their purpose in life.

    (10) Epicurus will teach you why friendship is the most important tool in happy living.

    (11) Epicurus will teach you how the nature of "justice" varies with time, place, and circumstance, but has a unifying purpose in human life that is the same for all.