Highlighting User Contributions to EpicureanFriends.com

  • I think we are basically on top of most of these, but we've had a flurry of activity recently and this is a good time for a reminder.

    If you prepare any kind of lengthy "document" or even a "table" or something like that which is good for future reference., we need to feature it on the front page of the website in a separate box, either as a "blog article" or a "Filebase item" or perhaps even both.

    If you check there now you'll see that we have Nate's list of translations, and I'm working on getting Nate's list of historical figures better featured. We also have the graphic he did a couple of years ago.

    We also have Don's translation of the letter to Menoeceus, and we might elevate his "timeline" to similar status (need to talk to him about that).

    Have I missed any significant contributions that need to be on the front page?

    The basic thing to remember is that posts here in the forum can be pretty long, but for really "long-format" or detailed pieces, it's better to post them either as an "Article" or as a "File" so we can "feature" them and they are easier to find. It might be a good idea to feature more "Comparison Charts" or simply "Charts" as we currently do with the old Stoicism one I prepared. It would really be good either to extend that one into other philosophies, or use separate charts.

    We'll also add something soon on the "A Few Days In Athens" book review.

    But the main point of this post is that we do want to encourage everyone that if you put a lot of effort into any particular project we need to make sure it gets the attention it deserves, so let us know in this thread or otherwise if we've missed something from the past, or if new things are created.