Planning For A Valentine's Day Discussion of Epicurus' Perspective On Romantic Love Issues

  • We have several threads in this subforum already, but one day I would like to see us produce a "Valentine's Day Special" audio program on the topic (Epicurus' Perspective On Romantic Love Issues). In the past we have discussed this idea in connection half-jokingly with the idea that an "Epicurean Love Advice" regular feature of some kind would be highly popular. Unfortunately we have never gotten it off the ground, but if we ever do, I am sure it would quickly be one of the most popular features that we've ever worked on. It seems appropriate that we would want some of our female participants to take a leading role in such a project, so that's something to keep in mind. Not many men seem particularly well-suited to give advice on this topic! (Another half-joke but likely a joke because of its truth.)

    Let's talk about what topics such a program might cover, and how it might be organized. We have a lot of text material that can be incorporated, so what might make sense would be a guided discussion in which someone goes through a series of key points from the text (which are very practical and i think would be easy to use for this purpose) and then goes around the table to ask each of five or six people to discuss the issue from their point of view.

    But let's talk here about what subjects to cover, what text material to use, etc. The closing sections of Book IV of Lucretius (beginning around line 1037) are an obvious start for a list of text references, but there are significant amounts in Diogenes Laertius and other sources.

    It would be nice to do this for February 2021, but we can extend this thread as long as we need until we're ready to go, this year, next year, or whenever.

    It may take several years before we can find someone who can lead this discussion with good humor and some degree of successful experience in the topic! :)

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Planning For A Valentine's Day Discussion of Romantic Love Issues” to “Planning For A Valentine's Day Discussion of Epicurus' Perspective On Romantic Love Issues”.
  • Diogenes Laertius states that Epicurus wrote an entire book "On Love"...

    ...and among the other interesting titles there is also "On Touch" and "On Gifts and Gratitude".