Planning For A Weekly EpicureanFriends Zoom Meeting in 2022

  • We had four participants last night - thanks to all who attended. I don't see any reason not to do this again next Tuesday night at the same time, so let's tentatively plan to do so.

    But let's consider this only tentative for the moment as we still have lots of things to figure out.

  • One lesson that seems pretty easy to draw is that when we have just a few people who know each other well, we can be more "free-form" and probably satisfy everyone that their time is well spent. And when we have just a few people plus a small number of "new" people we can take the time to have general conversation to learn about their background.

    But the more people we have who attend, the more important it's going to be to keep things more organized so that everyone knows what to expect, we have people participating in a "fair" or at least "appropriate" way, and we keep a tighter rein on the conversation so that people don't think their time is being wasted on topics they didn't come to talk about.

    We always want to be considerate of peoples' time and that they don't feel like at the end of a session that their time has been wasted.

  • That is a VERY good suggestion. I presume you're including the idea of inviting them to ask questions in addition to introducing themselves, and probably other things make sense as well. Thank you!

  • That sounds great! I'd love to participate in something like that, but I'm scared to participate in a call with the "big" minds of philosophy here on the forum. Looking at you, Lucretius Today, and his participants ;)

  • I'd at least listen in, but I'm in Europe and the time is bit too late. Just mentioning it in case there are enough others.

  • So to be reasonable for Europe we'd have to do maybe 2 or 3 eastern time at the latest, which would put us into the morning on the west coast. I am thinking Europe is generally about six hours ahead of the USA, right?

  • I will attend Tuesday night Zoom. Topic of personal outlines...and other topics...

    And have the following questions to discuss then...or if anyone else wants respond to the following questions, please respond in this thread if you can't attend the Zoom:

    --what are best topics for a Zoom/in-person Epicurean study group...what topics might draw people to attend?

    --to create an agenda or to not create an agenda?

    --alternative times for meetings?