If We Could Commission Davide Baldoni To Do More Scenes From Lucretius, What Would You Suggest They Be?

  • Continuing the "battle" theme of the scene from Book One, another one that comes to mind to me would be this phrase from the opening of Book Six, in which I can see Epicurus directing a defense of a fort or castle pointing out the gates from which to charge against the enemy:


    And so with his discourse of truthful words he purged the heart and set a limit to its desire and fear, and set forth what is the highest good, towards which we all strive, and pointed out the path, whereby along a narrow track we may strain on towards it in a straight course; he showed what there is of ill in the affairs of mortals everywhere, coming to being and flying abroad in diverse forms, be it by the chance or the force of nature, because nature had so brought it to pass; he showed from what gates it is meet to sally out against each ill, and he proved that ’tis in vain for the most part that the race of men set tossing in their hearts the gloomy billows of care....

    What others come to mind?