Navigator for the Social Media Opportunities Forum

  • [Note: This information was previously listed in the forum header. Probably it is easier to find and more logically placed as a pinned post at the top of the forum. This format probably works better, and would be a good thing for each forum to have. Provisionally we'll call them "Navigator" as a way of labeling them guides to posting in the particular form - since the Epicureans seemed to like oceanic analogies.]

    This forum lists locations on other websites, such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc., where Epicurean groups exist. If you have an account on one of these services and would like to be found by other users of the EpicureanFriends website, please add your user information in the appropriate thread.

    If you have an account on another service and would like other Epicureans to be able to find it there, please start a new thread with the title in the format: "Social Media - [Platform Name]" Sites which allow free speech are generally acceptable, but please do not submit sites which are explicitly political in nature or engage in controversy in these threads regarding any site which does not itself censor participation. Public posts for the purpose of raising political objections to the participation of any group member on any site will be considered violations of the "no politics" rule and subject to removal of both the post and poster. Any concerns about this policy or sites which are listed should be addressed directly to Cassius Amicus by private message on this board.

    NOTE: Many of these accounts are essentially placeholders and are infrequently used by Cassius Amicus, so communications at those locations may go unanswered for extended periods of time. To contact CassiusAmicus always come first to the forum. if you are using one of these platforms actively and would like to cooperate with other Epicureans in those locations please let us know by posting in the appropriate thread below.