Alternate Translations

  • "Whenever, without any change in circumstances, those things considered just are shown in the actions themselves not to fit with the basic idea of justice -- it is not possible that they are just. With change in circumstances, when it would not be beneficial for the same things to be considered just -- then in that case they were just when it was beneficial for the interaction of fellow-citizens with each other yet later, when it was not beneficial, they were not just."

    μη αρμοττοντα Єιc την προληψιν “not corresponding with the general idea” not fitting with the basic grasp.

    ChatGPT interpretation: Justice is inherently contingent upon the alignment between circumstances and the principles upheld. Should the actions themselves reveal an incongruity with the fundamental ideals of justice, it becomes untenable to deem them just. As circumstances evolve, and the continued application of those same actions ceases to be advantageous, their justness in facilitating harmonious interactions among fellow citizens becomes obsolete, rendering them unjust.

    ChatGPT translation: "Where, when there have been no new occurrences of the matters at hand, it appeared that they do not conform to the predetermined just actions; these were not just. But where, with new occurrences of the matters, the same actions were no longer advantageous, at that time they were just when they served the interaction among fellow citizens. However, later they were no longer just when they were no longer beneficial."

    Mελετᾶν οὖν χρὴ τὰ ποιοῦντα τὴν εὐδαιμονίαν.

    It is necessary to study what produces wellbeing.

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