"Post Now" Button Added to Home Page

  • Due to some recent exposure to the "Discourse" forum software, it finally occurred to me after years of running this website that we didn't have a readily-visible "Post Now" button on the front page. I have now added something right beneath the "Announcements" that should work to get people right into the place to post a new thread in "General Discussion.' If anyone has any comments or suggestions about that function, please let me know.

  • Actually I never go to the home page; I've set the forum to open in "unread posts" on all of my devices. Guess I should look around more! This is good to know though for quick and easy posting.

  • Thanks for the feedback Godfrey. good to know that is what you do - and that is what I think many people will do. I know new users will hit the home page though, so i try to keep it a decent compromise for new and old posters.