Social Media - Fediverse

  • Cassius Amicus account accessible through the Fediverse, which is an open source open standards platform designed to provide an alternative to such closed corporate services as Twitter and Facebook. As a member of the Fediverse, the Cassius Amicus account can be followed by many Mastodon web and mobile applications, especially including Fedilab.

    Edit: As of 11/20/22 the Fediverse address is

  • Recently I retired the "" fediverse website, and I have now replaced it with a Fediverse account at

    This is a Mastodon-based instance maintained by people behind the Vivaldi internet web browser, which I also use daily and think to be among the best web browsers.

    I will update the links and add this location as another place for backup communication which hopefully will not be needed.

    See the full list here:

    PS - the web site is not going away, and will eventually be replaced with a new open source web initiative - as soon as I decide which one makes sense.

  • I used to use Vivaldi for years but stopped because the excess accessibility & customization quickly became bloated and ran as slow as Chrome did, despite still being a Chromium browser. I'll check this out.

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