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  • I am looking to put together a list of "banner" headlines to rotate on the front page of the forum, and I would appreciate any suggestions. I hope I will be able to set these to rotate automatically, but I might have to end up doing it manually so the rotation might be slow. At any rate, if anyone has suggestions to add to this list please let me know. The best, I think, will be clear enough for a total newcomer to understand, while still addressing some point that is important for our regulars:


    Welcome to the place for study and discussion of Epicurean philosophy - as the ancient Epicureans practiced it!


    "Vain is the word of a philosopher which does not heal any suffering of man. For just as there is no profit in medicine if it does not expel the diseases of the body, so there is no profit in philosophy either, if it does not expel the suffering of the mind." (Attributed to Epicurus through Porphyry, Letter to Marcella)


    "For I would certainly prefer, as I study Nature, to announce frankly what is beneficial to all people, even if none agrees with me, rather than to compromise with common opinions, and thus reap the frequent praise of the many." - Epicurus VS29


    "The followers of Plato he called ‘Flatterers of Dionysus,’ and Plato himself ‘The Golden Man,’ and Aristotle ‘The Debauchee,' saying that he devoured his inheritance and then enlisted and sold drugs. ... Heraclitus he called ‘The Muddler,’ Democritus 'Lerocritus' (Judge of Nonsense), Antidorus 'Sannidorus' (The Maniac), the Cynics 'Enemies of Hellas,’ the Logicians ‘The Destroyers,’ and Pyrrho ‘The Uneducated Fool.’" - Diogenes Laertius Biography of Epicurus (Epicurus' Favorite Insults)


    "We must laugh and philosophize at the same time, and do our household duties, and employ our other faculties, and never cease proclaiming the sayings of the true philosophy." Epicurus VS41

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